Randride YX90 1000W MTB 48V 15AH Fat Tire

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RANDRIDE YX90 1000W 48V 15AHA power package that is really nice to cycle with exploring paths and bumpy roads with full shock absorption.The second picture is f

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RANDRIDE YX90 1000W 48V 15AH

A power package that is really nice to cycle with exploring paths and bumpy roads with full shock absorption.

The second picture is from Örnsköldsvik harbor, this model has been tested in northern winter, bad roads, snow and sleet, rain hail and passed all trials with flying colors.

Off-road driving with full shock absorption or gliding through Sweden's most popular cycle paths will be a pleasure

choose to drive on pure electric power or with assistance 60km or 120km assistance.

Save on diesel and petrol, take the bike to work or the shop or go on a picnic out in the woods.

The Randride YS and YX bikes have a strong LED light for riding in the dark and rear lights that are solar powered are included in the package.

26 "x4.0 Fat tire bike 9 shifts Shimano.

The package includes helmet, bicycle bag screens, tools, taillights, sunglasses, pump, taillights

Model YX90.

1000W Hofo 15A 48V.

Integrated Mottcell lithium battery charging time 3 hours EU charger.

Electrical location 60 km.

Assistance location max 120km.

Gas on handle and pedal assist or both at the same time.

Pedals wellgo in Aluminum

Adjustable air shock absorbers in the front fork.

Shock absorber rear HLT 1000lbs.

LCD display in color that can be set speed etc. If you hold down the + button, you turn on the light and the same button goes out. If you hold the - button, it is cruise control, it is only pressed when the bike is running and you want to keep the same speed.

Shimano 9 gears.

Brakes SHIMANO dual disc brake.

Smart controller brake system.

Max user weight 180kg.

Weight bike 30kg

Max speed 45 km / h set from factory 25km / h can easily be changed how you want to watch movies on FB D-Future Fitness

Tire size 26x4.0

Aluminum frame

IP54 Dust and flush safe

IP class 54 means that harmful amounts cannot enter electrical parts so that insulation faults can occur.

CE Certificate

1 year warranty

Shipping 14 days

Free Shipping UPS Home Delivery

On our Youtube channel, we are testing the YX90 1000W Fat Tire bike right now in different northern environments in snow, dark driving, off-road, etc. Follow us there link below.

D-Future Fitness Test Randride YX90