Randride YS90 750W 48V 15AH MTB

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Electric Bike Randride 750W Summer Campaign.includes helmet, screens, pump small bicycle bag, tools, LED light, solar powered rear light.Shipping 3-7 daysModel

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Electric Bike Randride 750W Summer Campaign.

includes helmet, screens, pump small bicycle bag, tools, LED light, solar powered rear light.

Shipping 3-7 days

Model YS90 Powerful MTB with full shock absorption that makes the bike ride a pleasure both on trails and bumpy paths.

750W 15A 48V.

Integrated lithium battery charging time 3 hours with EU charger.

Electrical location 60km.

Assistance location 120km.

Gas on handle and pedal assist or both at the same time.

Pedals wellgo in Aluminum

Adjustable air shock absorbers in the front fork.

Shock absorber rear HLT 1000lbs.

LCD display in color.

Shimano MicroNew 27 gears.

Motor Hofo 750W Rear Hub

Brakes SHIMANO dual disc brake.

Smart controller brake system.

Max weight 180kg.

Weight Bicycle 26kg

Maximum speed 40 km / h EU set from factory 25km / h see video how to change.

Tire size 27.5

Aluminum frame.

Color. Black

CE Certificate.

Shipping 14 days.

After 15 May 3-7 days.

1 year factory warranty

Free shipping with UPS Home Delivery traceable.

Summer Offer Randride YK26 500W is the newest electric bike of popular Randride you can say that it is a cross between the YX and YS models. This electric bike is made to fit into the city, but it is also perfect if you, for example, live in the country and ride forest trails because it has full shock absorption. You can fold it and put it in the car, caravan, motorhome or commute to work and business excursions and more. 27 Shimano shifts 15ah battery full shock absorption disc brakes front and rear so the bike ride will be a pleasure. Lead light front and rear. Package holder if you want to transport home groceries etc. It has free gifts as all Randride bikes have a delivery time right now is 3 weeks. Last May, the delivery time is 3-7 days, they are on their way to stock. All bicycles we sell are sent traceable by UPS directly home to the home. Facts 26x1.95 Kenda tires aluminum rims that have a nice look that is more durable than with spokes. Has full shock absorption with suspension front and rear. Shimano disc brakes front and rear E-ABS system when you brake, the engine stops for 1 sec 27vxl Shimano LCD display in color with adjustable speed video is posted on the FB page how to make the same display as the YX20. Maximum speed without lock is 40km / h set from factory 25km / h. Battery 48v 15ah capacity Electricity 60km-120km assistance. 3 settings Pedal Assist Electric. Aluminum frame. Engine fire: Hofo. Max use weight 150kg. Weight bike 26kg. Colour: Black. IP54 / 55 Dust and flush safe. IP class 54/55 means that harmful amounts can not get into electrical parts so that insulation faults can occur. CE certificate as all bicycles we sell. 1 year factory warranty.

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